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Best Verizon Smartphones 2020 (November/December 2020)

Best smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9+ VerizonNov/Dec 2020. The Best Verizon Smartphones 2020! Verizon smartphones are the best! I was looking for a good Verizon phone because I lost my previous one. There are many  Verizon phones to choose from.

Buying a Verizon smartphone has several advantages over a smartphone from an other network provider because Verizon wireless is one of the biggest and best networks in the US. Its headquarters is in New York City. Verizon has smartphones that are locked to their network but you can also choose an unlocked phone in which you can put a Verizon sim-card.

On this website you find the best Verizon phones sorted by brand: Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, and LG, the best Verizon smartphones/ mobile phones.

Intro Image: Samsung Galaxy S9+

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Verizon Wireless Smartphone general Search

Below you find a selection of smartphones that is randomly generated to give you an overview of the assortment of phones that Verizon has to offer.

Samsung Verizon Smartphones 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the most popular Verizon smartphone

Samsung is together with Apple iPhone the manufacturer with the biggest market share. The Galaxy line is very popular with the S9+, the 10 series and the Galaxy note.

Verizon Iphones

When you prefer Apple iPhone then there is lots to choose from for your Verizon network.


Motorola Verizon 2020

Motorola is a smartphone brand that is particularly popular in the USA, not so much in Europe or Asia. It has a good reputation of durable and reliable smartphones.

LG Verizon Smartphones

LG is a South Korean smartphone brand that is popular in Asia, Europe and more and more also in the USA. The LG v60 is the LG flagship smartphone in 2020.


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