Best Solid State Drive For 2021 (SSD/ M.2 SSD)

best ssd2021. Best Solid State Drives (ssd) and M.2 SSDs for 2021! Solid State Drives make the best performance upgrade for your desktop or laptop! Why? Because they are fast. Very fast. And fortunately the price has dropped dramatically over the last years while the capacity of data storage has greatly improved. Now a good SSD or M.2 SSD with 250 GB or higher is surprisingly affordable. 

There are a few ‘big’ players on the SSD market: Samsung, Crusial, Kingston, Scandisk and Toshiba. With Samsung having the biggest market share. Samsung and Toshiba produce their own controllers and flash memory. The other manufacturers only produce the flash memory in their own factories.  

On this website I have selected the 3 best Solid State Drives today.

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The main advantage of SSD above HDD is the speed. SSD`s are incredibly fast compared to HHD`s but there was the problem that Solid State Drives did not have much GB`s of storage and they were expensive.  But no more ! The rapid development of the ssd has now overcome these problems. SSD`s are now available from 16 GB to 960GB and the price has dropped.

The SSD is this fast because it has no moving parts, a HDD does. This makes the SSD noise free, light weight and durable. The flash memory in the SSD delivers the data directly via the SATA 3 connector to the CPU. SSD`s are about 10 times faster than a 7200 RPM HDD.

Also the development of Chromebooks has made an impact. In these low budget laptops a small 16 GB ssd is build in because the bulk of the programs are stored on-line and not on the internal memory anymore. Because of the solid state drive chromebooks are very very fast. So, for the near future I see the HDD fading out slowly and the SSD taking its rightful place as cheap, fast and most used core memory in netbooks, laptops and desktops. 

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Quality Solid State Drive 2021 Search

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#1 ) Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III

The best and most popular SSD on the market today is without doubt the Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series. At around $130 for the 250 GB version this is not the cheapest SSD but it is the best for a good price with proven quality.


best ssd solid state drive2Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Single Unit Version Internal Solid State Drive (Also available in 120 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB

Here is the link for the more expensive Samsung 850 Pro series SSD (costs around $60 more but better specs)


#2) Crucial MX100 512GB SATA 2.5″ 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal Solid State Drive

This SSD from Crucial is the cheaper (around $115 for 256 GB version) option but it has good specs and performance.  The 512 GB version that I recommend here has more than enough GB memory for a normal laptop or desktop. Crusial can make the SSD cheaper by using a new production method which makes better use of the flash memory. With this method the SSD needs less chip surface to reach the required capacity.

best ssd solid state drive3Crucial MX100 256GB SATA 2.5″ 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal Solid State Drive (also available in 128 GB and 512 GB)



#3) Kingston Digital 240GB SSDNow V300 SATA 3 2.5 (7mm height) with Adapter Solid State Drive

The Kingston SSD is the cheapest (around $ 90 for the 240 GB version) in this top 3 list but for this money it has good speed and specs. Dont expect the same performance as the Samsung and the Crusial but when you want to replace your HDD with a cheap and decent SSD This Kingston SSD will do the trick. You will be amazed by the performance boost.

best ssd solid state drive4Kingston Digital 240GB SSDNow V300 SATA 3 2.5 (7mm height) with Adapter Solid State Drive (also available in 60 GB, 120 GB, 480 GB and 960 GB)


M.2 Internal SSD 2021 Search

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Best Solid State Drive Christmas gifts 2021 Search

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Best Christmas 2020 Gifts: Smartphones

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Galaxy S4Nov/Dec 2020. The Best Prepaid Smartphones 2020! A prepaid smartphones makes a very good Christmas gift! On this site I have made a selection of the best prepaid smartphones available. There are many reliable brands and affordable phones to choose from. Because I only use my phone sporadically to make a phone call a budget prepaid smartphone is the best option for me. I use internet and social media only when there is wifi available. For many people buying a good prepaid smartphone has several advantages over a smartphone or mobile phone with service plan. First of all: It is a smartphone with No Contract. No monthly payments when you don’t use your smartphone. You pay upfront so you are always in control how much you spent. No contract with monthly fees, no surprises.

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Best selling Budget Prepaid Smartphones

Prepaid Smartphone 2020 Search

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#1) Best Prepaid Smartphone 2020: Samsung Galaxy S4 4G

The S3 and S4 are available prepaid and unlocked so you can use them with a separate prepaid simcard of your choice. With the arrival of the S4, the Galaxy S3 and the S3 mini are a cheaper alternative when you want an awesome Samsung smartphone but also want to be cost efficient.

Samsung Galaxy S4, Black Samsung Galaxy S4, Black

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best prepaid/unlocked android smartphone on the market today.

When looking for my new phone I found that the Galaxy S4 is the best prepaid smartphone at the moment. Especially the price/quality is much better then the competitor iPhone 5. This was for me the most important argument to choose the Samsung phone. Below you find the prepaid as well as the unlocked Samsung galaxy S4 and S3 for use with a separate prepaid simcard of the network provider of your choice. This way you have the best smartphone 2016 and the advantages of a prepaid contract.

(click on the pictures for more info, specs, options, and other providers/ prepaid plans)

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung galaxy S3Samsung galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 miniSamsung Galaxy S3 mini


#2) prepaid smartphone: Apple iPhone 5 (unlocked)

This iPhone 5 is unlocked so you can use it with a separate prepaid simcard of your choice

iPhone 5 unlocked smartphoneiPhone 5 unlocked smartphone black (also available in white)


The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C are available now but in my opinion the price for the 5S is too high and the feel of the 5C is too cheap, but that is my personal opinion of course. Here are the links for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C on Amazon

The original iPhone 5 for me is the second best prepaid phone at the moment. No true Apple user would be happy with anything less quality than an Apple. This phone comes 2nd for me because of the price. Apple quality is awesome but I was not prepared to pay the extra dollar for it. Also, the iPhone 5 does not communicate very well with a windows computer. This was an obstacle for me.

For the rest, The iPhone 5 is an awesome phone. The design of this Apple iPhone is sleek with glass on the front and aluminum plate on the back. The camera on the back and the LED flash are both nicely incorporated into the body of the iPhone.
On the front Apple placed the ‘Front Facing Camera’ In the aluminum. This is a change from the previous model where the dark color of the camera module made the front camera not interfere with the overall design. I likes the way this was done in the iPhone 4 better.

Apple is very happy with the Retina Display screen of the iPhone 5. The human eye can not distinguish the pixels. All texts and images appear like “printed pages”, according to Apple. This shows the superb quality of the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 uses the new very fast A6 processor.

H/L/W/D: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm), 2.31 inches (58.6 mm), 0.30 inch (7.6 mm),
Wheight: 3.95 ounces (112 grams)

Talk time: 7 hours on 3G, 14 hours on 2G (GSM)
Standby time: 300 hours
Internet use: 6 hours on 3G, up to 10 hours Wi-Fi
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
Blue-tooth 4.0 wireless technology
Clear Apple Retina Display
UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz);
GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
Photo and Video: 1.2MP Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio
8-megapixel iSight camera

HTC Smartphones Prepaid

HTC One V prepaidHTC One V prepaid


HTC sometimes gets a bit lost in the battle between Samsung and Apple but Taiwanese company produces high quality smartphones for a very affordable price. In this time of economic crisis a factor to take into account. The quality of the phones is illustrated by HTC featuring BEATS Audio.

The HTC One in its variations is the flagship of HTC.

HTC One S Android Phone, Black (T-Mobile)HTC One S Android Phone, Black (T-Mobile)

HTC One SV 4G LTE Prepaid Android Phone (Boost Mobile)HTC One SV 4G LTE (Boost Mobile)









LG Smartphones Prepaid

LG G2, Optimus and LG 800-series

(Click on the thumbnail or buy now button to see more details, specs and other providers)

I recommend the LG G2 as the best LG prepaid smartphone.


LG G2LG G2 Unlocked Smartphone


LG G FLEX LG-F340 Real Round Curved Display smart phone Factory unlocked 6" screenLG G FLEX LG-F340 Real Round Curved Display smart phone Factory unlocked 6″ screen


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Best Fitness Treadmills 2020/2021 For Home Use




best treadmills Best Fitness Treadmills 2020. For getting your physical fitness to a higher level a good quality treadmill is the best. 

Features to look for when buying a treadmill are: easy assembly, the material the treadmill is made of, the electric motor, runway size, build in workout programs, display and folding/storage.

I recommend on this website the best Treadmills available at the moment under $200, under $300, under $400, under $700 and high end treadmills that cost around $1000 and more.

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What Features In A Treadmill Do You Want ?

– Easy assembly: Out of the box you want your treadmill to be easy to assemble and ready for use in a short time.

– The electric motor: the power of the electric motor of the treadmills here recommended range from 600W for the $200 treadmill to a 3.25 continuous duty HP motor that drives speeds up to 12 MPH on the most expensive one.

– Runway size: It is important not to have a runway that is too narrow so that you have plenty of space to place your feet when running

– Build in workout programs and display: the display should be clear to read, all essential data right in front of you, well designed and it should have an easy to use menu structure for data display and workout programs.

– Changing the incline: a bigger incline will increase the intensity of your workout.

– Folding/storage: treadmills can be heavy and rather big. No problem if you have a room in your home where you can do your workout and then leave it there. If you don’t have that space, then an easy to fold of self-folding treadmill is a good choice.

Best Treadmill 2020 Around $200

My recommendation for best treadmills around $200 is the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill. It has excellent consumer reviews and is available in a black as well in white variant. It is a basic treadmill with a  basic multi-function LED display. It folds down for easy storage and is suitable for users up to 250 lbs. Other specs:  600W power motor. Runway Size: 38.5″ x 14″. According to the costumer reviews: ” Assembly was SUPER easy. The treadmill was practically put together in the box. I had to insert a screw here and a knob there but no problems and it was assembled in a matter of minutes.”

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill


Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Under $300

This treadmill is my choice for treadmills under $300 mainly because it has six personal trainer workouts, the incline can be adjusted to two positions, it is easy to fold/store and has a runway with comfortable cushioning. Price: around $290

best treadmills2Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill


Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill, Best Treadmill under $400

When you want a good treadmill with some more features then the Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill is a good choice. It has a 2.20 Peak HP drive system with 15.75″ x 48.82″ running surface. For storage it has an easy folding mechanism and soft drop system to help you unfold your treadmill safely. The handrail controls allow you to control speed, start and stop and it has 9 built-in workout programs, a large LCD display and smart phone/tablet holder. You can set 3 incline position manually. One costumer review on Amazon says: “Exceeds expectations”.

fitness treadmill1Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill









Best Treadmills 2020 under $700: Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

For a price under $700 the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill is an excellent choice. It was rated a best “Value Buy” for walking by the Good Housekeeping Institute and by the Treadmill Doctor as one of the “Best Buys” in its category Folding treadmill with speeds up to 10 MPH. The incline can be increased to 10 percent, it has a good 20 x 55-Inch running area, a big display with 30 program options including: manual workout, 10 Step-goal workouts, 10 distance-based workouts, 6 calorie-goal workouts and 3 intervals workouts. You can have you own music during your workout through  the Sonic Surround speakers with MP3 compatibility. Further specs: Pulse grip heart rate monitoring, 2.25 continuous duty CHP motor for quiet operation, 300-pound maximum user weight, Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 1 year on parts and labor

best treadmill3Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

Best Home Treadmills 2020: High End Top Rated Treadmills (Around $1000 and More)

The LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill is a good choice in the high end range. specs: 2.5-horsepower folding treadmill with spacious 20-by-56-inch running surface, Bio-mechanically correct deck suspension system supports up to 300 pounds, Multi-colored LCD console tracks your time, calories, distance, speed, and more, Offers several weight loss, healthy living, sports training, and heart rate programs. Lifetime warranty on frame and motor. It received the Treadmill Doctor “Best Buy” Award for Best New Treadmill

best treadmill2LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

An other good high end treadmill is the Sole Fitness F65 Folding Treadmill. The SOLE F65 treadmill is powered by 3.25 continuous duty HP motor that drives speeds up to 12 MPH and can be set to an incline up to 15%. It has a two-ply belt, pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring, a 7.5-inch LCD workout display with six standard programs, two custom programs, and two heart programs; cooling fans and MP3-compatible sound system. The deck measures 35 by 83 inches (W x D) and running surface measures 20 by 60 inches (W x D). This treadmill has a  350-pound weight limit. Includes the following manufacturer’s warranties against defects in materials and workmanship: lifetime on frame, motor, and deck; five years on electronics; and two years on labor . This tread mill costs around $1300.

best treadmill1Sole Fitness F65 Folding Treadmill



Treadmills Search

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Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators Freezers 2020

best merchendisers1

2020. Best Merchandiser/Glass Door Refrigerators And Freezers 2020. In your convenience and grocery store you want your popular products like bottles of water, juice, soda, and prepackaged items like sandwiches, wraps, and salads, frozen foods like frozen pizza, ice cream, and microwave dinners to be displayed in a glass door merchandiser refrigerator/freezer in a attractive way to increase impulse sales.

Therefore you will find on this site recommendations for countertop glass door refrigerators and freezers, (1,2, and 3 door) glass door merchandising refrigerators, (1,2, and 3 door) glass door merchandising freezers, combination refrigerator/freezer to display chilled and frozen products side by side, glass sided merchandisers to display foods, drinks, desserts, and other edibles in a visually-appealing way and ice cream merchandisers.

Quality merchandiser refrigerators and freezers brands are: True, Grindmaster, MAXXIMUM, Procool, Restaurant Supplies Direct, ATOSAUSA, EQ Kitchen Line and Turbo Air

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(Disclaimer: prices mentioned are accurate at the time of writing, but may have changed)

Countertop Glass Door Refrigerators and Freezers 2020

A countertop refrigerator or freezer is used for merchandising ready-to-go products like drinks/canned juice, snacks and ice cream. They are especially effective for last minute sales when situated beside the cash register.

countertop display1Turbo Air CRT-77-1R Glass Cabinet Display Merchandiser, One Door, 3 cu ft

countertop display2True Countertop Refrigerator Merchandiser 24inch 1 Glass Door

countertop display3True GDM-9-LD Countertop Refrigerator Merchandiser 36 Inch 2 Glass Doors

Glass Four Sided Merchandisers

With four sided glass door merchandisers you can display desserts, salads, foods and drinks in an appealing elegant way. The products are clearly visible from all sides which can help to boost sales. Four sided glass merchandisers are for this reason often used in restaurants or diners.

True G4SM-23-LD Four Sided MerchandiserTrue G4SM-23-LD Four Sided Merchandiser

True 23 cu ft, 1 Door, Glass Four SidedTrue Mfg G4SM-23, 23 cu ft, 1 Door, Glass Four Sided Refrigerator

4sided merchandiser3True Mfg G4SM-23PT, 23 cu ft, 1 Front / 1 Back Door, Pass-Thru Glass Four Sided Refrigerator

Glass Door Merchandising Refrigerators 2020

1, 2 and 3 glass door refrigerators display chilled products like beverages, salads, deserts, butter, milk products, fruit drinks, bottles of soft drinks, eggs, cheese etcetera in convenient stores and groceries. Especially True and Turbo Air are reliable brands for these bigger refrigerators.

3 door Merchandising RefrigeratorTrue Mfg. GDM-69-LD 3 Sliding Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator White 69 Cu. Ft.

Turbo Air 1 door merchandising refrigeratorTurbo Air Super Deluxe Ref. 1 door Merchandiser

True Glass Door Merchandiser 2 Door 37 CuFt True Glass Door Merchandiser 2 Door 37 CuFt

Turbo Air (TGM-69R) - 78Turbo Air (TGM-69R) 78 inch Sliding Glass 3 Door Merchandiser

Glass Door Merchandising Freezers

Merchandiser freezers display frozen foods like potato chips, snacks, pizzas, noodles, instant dinners, frozen dessert, frozen fish and meat products and ice-cream.

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Combo Dual Temp Merchandiser Refrigerator/Freezers

With a combo refrigerator/freezer merchandiser you can display cold and frozen products side by side. Very useful when you don’t have space for a separate freezer and refrigerator unit in your store.

Dual Temp MerchandiserBeverage Air MarketMax Dual Temp Refrigerator Freezer Merchandiser

Horizontal Display/ Flat Lit Merchandisers

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