Best Father’s Day 2023 Gifts: Mugs

Best Father’s Day gift 2023: Mugs! Dads are the best! Are you looking for much appreciated Father’s day Mugs for your dad or husband? On this site I have made a selection of the Best Father’s Day Mugs for Dad/Husband/Grandpa .

Dads can have specific wishes for what they consider a nice gift. A safe bet is that men are likely to appreciate gadgets, watches, aftershave or funny items like the ‘SuperPower Dad Mug’ or the ‘Best Dad in the world Mug’ as gifts. This website is all about Father’s Day Mugs. That is why on this site you will find some Father’s Day Mug Gift Ideas to help you on the way.

Intro image: 17″ I’m A Dad, What’s Your SuperPower?” 12oz Coffee Mug on Amazon
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Best Father’s Day Gift: Best Dad Ever Mug

This Best Dad Ever-mug measures: 3.5 inch (H) x 4.5 inch with an opening 3.5 inch in diameter. It is made of ceramic and holds up to 13 oz.
This mug is shipped in a printed gift box and is dishwasher safe/FDA approved/Microwave safe.

fathers day mug1Best Dad Ever Mug

Worlds Okayest Dad Mug

This mug is a 11 Ounce High Quality Ceramic Mug With Print On Both Sides and is perfect for all Dads favorite hot and cold Beverages. It is
dishwasher and microwave safe. An excellent father’s day gift.

fathers day mug2Worlds Okayest Dad Mug

Keep Calm and Dad Will Fix It

This “Keep Calm and Dad Will Fix It”Mug is a great gift for dad. The mug can hold up to 16oz and is made of a stainless steel insulated double wall body with plastic interior. Very handy is also the Slide-lock lid mechanism. It fits most cup holders. You CAN NOT put this mug in a dishwasher! only Hand wash. Also, you CAN NOT heat up content in it in a microwave. It is BPA free.

father's day mug3Keep Calm and Dad Will Fix It

Engraved Best Dad Glass Mug

This is a High-Quality American Arc Glass which holds up to 25 ounces. Hand wash with care, don’t put it in the dishwasher because that can damage the engraving. The base is heavy, starburst-shaped and the mug has a strong handle. The engraving on the glass is customized by putting the name of your dad in the mustache, where now in the picture the example name “Anthony” is used.

fathers day glass mug1Engraved Best Dad Glass Mug

Father’s Day Mug Gift Ideas

Some more father’s day mugs to take a look at!

Fathers Day Greatest Dad Mug#1 World’s Greatest Dad

Superpower fathersday mugI’m a Dad Superpower Burgundy 18 Oz Mug

Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug2Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug

Best Usb Mouse 2022 (Gaming Wired Wireless)

2022. The best usb Mouse!  The wired, wireless and gaming mice on this site are the best rated computer mice I could find! I was looking for the best usb mouse because I travel a lot and when I am on the road I have my laptop or netbook with me. I don`t like to use the trackpad. It is just too small! That`s why I always take my mouse with me. It is very small, plug and play and lightweight.

At home I have a logitech wireless usb mouse with my laptop and my desktop. works perfectly. When you want to buy a new mouse, first you have to decide if you are looking for a wired, wireless or gaming mouse.

Find the best wired, wireless and gaming mouse 2020 on this site.

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Usb Mouse Facts

– Usb mice are lightweight and small.
– They can connect to the computer either with a wire or wireless via the Usb port.
– Wireless Usb mice are a bit more expensive than usb mice with a wire and need a AA or AAA battery.
– Usb-Mice are available in many different colors


Best Wireless Mouse 2022

The Usb Mouse is connected to the computer with a reciever in a usb-port

Logitech is the best known manufacturer of wireless mice. The Logitech M-series is relatively cheap but very good quality.

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Best Wired Usb Mouse

The Mouse is connected to the computer with a cord and plugged into a Usb-port

The BIG advantage of wired mice is that they don`t need batteries!

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Best Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is usually more expensive then a  regular mouse but it has more buttons and for the more advanced gaming mice the buttons can be programmed. They are designed for speed and accuracy needed for fast game-play.

Top Wired Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz Pro X Gaming MouseMad Catz R.A.T. PRO X Ultimate Gaming Mouse with PixArt ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor Module

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Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

These are high end professional gaming mice, especially the MAD Catz R.A.T. 9.

Mouse Search

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Newest 2021 Desktop Search

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Best Desktops – Budget Under $500

When you just want a pc to do some everyday email, internet/ social media, watch an occasional movie or do some text editing then, a cheaper, more affordable budget computer is the best choice. The specs are not as good as the more expensive desktops have. So therefore don`t expect the fastest performance. If speed and specs are not the most important then the following recommendations are everything you need. And all that for a good price. Also check out the refurbished desktops which are good value for money.

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