Best Christmas Gifts 2022: Table Soccer Foosball Tables

best foosball tablesNov/Dec 2022. Best Christmas Gifts: Table Soccer/ Foosball Tables. Foosball/ table soccer tables make the best Christmas Gifts! Good tablesoccer tables are available in different versions, like cheaper table top foosball tables, full size tables and more expensive designer table soccer tables.

On this site I give you my recommendations for the best foosball tables under $50, under $500, a little over $500 and high end table soccer tables from reliable brands like Atomic, Eastpoint Sports, Hathaway, Imperial, Designer Home Mahogany Color.

A good table soccer table is a must for every foosball enthusiast. A foosball table also makes a much appreciated Christmas or birthday gift!

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Top Table Top Foosball Tables 2020 Under $50

 My recommendations for best Table Top Table Soccer Tables under $50 are the ESPN for around $30, the Sport Squad FX40 for around $45 and the best seller Mini Table Top Foosball table which costs aroud $18. Table top tables are very easy to assemble and store after use beside the fact that they are very affordable in comparison to full size foosball tables.

You can click through to see the specs and price.

ESPN Foosball TabletopESPN Foosball Tabletop

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball TableSport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Mini Table Top Foosball#1 bestseller: Mini Table Top Foosball – Comes with Everything You Need


Best Foosball Tables Under $500

 The best foosball table I could find under $500 is the EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table. It is an official competition sized 54 inch table with High-performance player rod bushings that spin and slide with ease. For around $270 you get a top quality table for a very affordable price.

EastPoint Sports 54 inch Newcastle Foosball TableEastPoint Sports 54 inch Newcastle Foosball Table

 An other very good option for less than $500 (actually around $175) is the PlayCraft Sports Foosball Table. It has a beautyful color disign and strong chromium steel rods. It includes 3 foosballs and is also available in a red design!

Playcraft Sport Foosball Table Black 48-InchPlaycraft Sport Foosball Table Black 48-Inch


Best Table Soccer Tables A Little Over $500

For the best table soccer table in the just over $500 range I recommend the Chicago Signature Foosball Coffee Table. This is a very stylish foosball table that can double as an elegant coffee table. A very beautiful design as you can see for around $560.

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee TableChicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

The Carrom Burr Oak Foosball Table has a more sturdy design that can take a beating when the game gets serious. It has custom hand painted players and triple chrome steel rods. Highly recommended especially when looking at the low price for this much quality!

Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Foosball TableCarrom Burr Oak Foosball Table

High end Table Soccer Tables Christmas 2022

 When you are a bit more than just a foosball enthusiast and you want (semi-)professional table soccer table, then the Designer Home Foosball Table (Mahogany) is the best foosball table you can get. Features: Free Shipping, Beautiful Queen Anne Style Legs, Score Counters embedded into the cabinet top, Heavy Duty all wood Construction and 3 Man Goalies. Highly recommended.

Designer Home Foosball TableDesigner Home Foosball Table (Mahogany)