Best LCD/LED HDTV 2014



April 2014. The Best LCD/LED TV 2014. When buying a new LED/LCD TV, there are several things to concider. The main questions to answer are: what display size do I want/need, resolution, refresh rate, 3D technology, do you want the tv to be a smart tv with features like internet ready/wifi ready or wifi already build in? On this website I have made a selection of the best LED/LCD TVs which give you the best quality for your money based on performance, price, features, costumer ratings/satisfaction, sales and manufacturer. Continue reading

Best Laptop Notebook 2014 (April 2014)

April 2014. Best Laptop 2014. Laptops are the best! I was looking for a new affordable laptop because I wanted an addition to my pc. A good laptop in 2014 has some serious processing power and the top brands like Apple, Asus, Acer, HP Dell and Samsung have a sleek design and are lightweight. Who needs a desktop Pc anymore ?

When buying a new laptops there are several factors to take into account: best price, processor, Chromebook/ iMac or Windows, design? Which laptop is best for you depends on your wishes and what you are going to use your new laptop for. Continue reading

Best Sprint Smartphones 2014 (April 2014)

Sprint Galaxy S5 April 2014. The Best Sprint Smartphones For 2014! Sprint phones are the Best! When I was looking for a good Sprint smartphone I found that here are many top Sprint phones to choose from.

Sprint has one of the best and biggest networks in the US.  A Sprint smartphone has several advantages over a smartphone from an other network provider because of their outstanding network and big range of available smartphones. Continue reading

Best Netbooks And 11 inch laptops 2014

April 2014. Best Netbook 2014. Netbooks are the best!  A netbook is easy to take with you, lightweight, affordable, has a sleek design and is fast. I bought a new netbook for when I travel. Long battery life and weight are most important for me. A good netbook is able to perform all basic functions like surfing the net (it is not called a netbook for nothing), all social networking, some basic text editing, watch a movie. 11 inch laptops have better specs but are not as cheap as a netbook. Continue reading

Best Prepaid Smartphones 2014 (April 2014)

Galaxy S4April 2014. The Best Prepaid Smartphones For 2014! Prepaid smartphones are the best! On this site I have made a selection of the best prepaid smartphones available. I was looking for a good prepaid smartphone because I lost my previous one. There are many reliable brands and affordable phones to choose from, I found. Because I only use my phone sporadicly to make a phone call a prepaid smartphone is the best option for me. Internet and social media I use only when there is wifi available. Continue reading

Best Wired And Wireless Usb Mouse 2014


April 2014. The best wired and wireless usb Mouse For 2014!  The wired, wireless and gaming mice on this site are the best rated for 2014! I was looking for the best usb mouse because I travel a lot and when I am on the road I have my laptop or netbook with me. I don`t like to use the trackpad. It is just too small! That`s why I always take my usb mouse with me. It is very small, plug and play and lightweight. Continue reading

Best Desktop PCs For 2014 (April 2014)


April 2014. Best Desktop for 2014. Desktops are the best! I was looking for a new affordable desktop because my pc had broken down. Good desktops today have  features like quad-core processors, fast hard-drives with plenty of GB storage, and awesome sound and graphics cards so that gaming and heavy duty graphic programs can run smoothly, as well as playing HD movies. Continue reading

Best Verizon Smartphones 2014

Best verizon smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon

April 2014. The Best Verizon Smartphones 2014! Verizon smartphones are the best! I was looking for a good Verizon phone because I lost my previous one. There are many  Verizon phones to choose from.

Buying a Verizon smartphone has several advantages over a smartphone from an other network provider because Verizon wireless is one of the biggest and best networks in the US. Its headquarters is in New York City.

On this page you find the best phones sorted by brand: Motorola, Samsung, HTC, iPhone and LG, the best Verizon smartphones/ mobile phones 2014. Continue reading

#1 Best Tablets 2014 (April 2014)

Best Tablets 2014 Samsung Galaxy Tab ProApril 2014. Best Tablets 2014. Tablets are the bestWhen looking for an addition to my main computer,  I found that a good tablet computer is easy to take with you and has some serious processing power for browsing the web. Tablets have many advantages over laptops and pc`s. Most of all: they are very portable and lightweight. Tablets today are affordable and have good specs. The tablets and accessories on this site are the best rated for 2014. Continue reading

Best Smartphones Mobile Phones 2014 (April 2014)

Galaxy S5

April 2014. Best Smartphones 2014!  Smartphones are the best! I was looking for a good new affordable smartphone because I lost my previous phone. I found many top brands and a lot of different good smartphones to choose from. The most important smartphone brands today are Samsung with its galaxy line, Apple with the iPhone, HTC with the One series and LG, Blackberry and Motorola. Continue reading